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Original research on extraction of hydrogen from water via thermo-chemical water splitting (TCWS) has been underway for several years.
Further research in TCWS shall become possible with support by monthly subscriptions.

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Off Grid Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen cannot now economically be delivered and sourced directly from water by means of Thermochemical Water Splitting technology. As a work-around, and as a transitional technology until TCWS becomes available, Thermochemical Hydrocarbon Splitting technology is deployed to deliver hydrogen since the Hydrocarbon Delivery Infrasture already exists.

By contrast if Hydrogen could economically be delivered and sourced directly from water then there would be no need for hydrocarbons because the municipal water supply would be rendered into the hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Therefore, natural gas and propane delivery systems are required at the current time to perform a transitional technology role until such time as direct hydrogen sourcing from water splitting becomes available by TCWS technology.

Hydrogen Generation

Thermochemical Water Splitting
Thermochemical Hydrocarbon Splitting

Hydrogen Consumption

Hydrogen Cell Phone Chargers

Hydrogen CHP = Combined Heat & Power

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) CHP systems

Hydrogen Education

The Fuel Cell Store has numerous small kits to learn about Hydrogen systems

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